Many Americans believe the IRS should be subject to an independent audit. We agree.

Deborah Furgason
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IRS Audit Story

by Deborah Furgason

My story isn’t horrific. It probably isn’t even unique. But I want to share it because it explains why I am so keen to reach out to people who are hurting, or frustrated, or stressed, or scared as a result of an interaction with the IRS. Such feelings were, in fact, only a few of those I experienced when I was going through the IRS audit that changed my life. If I can give a voice to others who have gone through the same, then maybe I can turn my experiences, in a small way, to the good.

One day in September, 2013, I went to my mailbox and saw two notices from the IRS; one was addressed to me, the other to my husband. I later discovered the IRS had wanted to ensure that we received the notice and so sent each of us the same letter. They did this with each and every piece of correspondence we received over the following two years, which would be the duration of the audit that these letters initiated.

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